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South Africa Bursaries 2017 – 2018

What is a bursary?
Bursaries are monetary awards provided by organisations to people who are unable to fully fund their studies. In exchange for a bursary, the individual is generally employed at the organisation for the equal amount of time as the bursary.

Who can apply for a bursary?
To be awarded a bursary, parents are generally required to complete an application form, providing details of their financial situation, followed by documentary evidence and proof of any capital assets.
There are 2 variations of bursaries, provided by organisations and study institutions:
1) A means-tested bursary which evaluates whether an applicant or their family is allowed to receive government assistance. This bursary type is available for students of parents who earn below an annual threshold amount.
2) Scholarship/ Prize – this bursary type is performance-based and is usually awarded to students who receive high results in their exams prior to college/ university entrance. These bursaries are mainly awarded by the study institution/ by organisations.

How do I apply for a bursary?
Applying for a bursary is an easy 3 step process:
1) Scroll down and find the faculty within which you will be studying and select the bursary you would like to apply for.
2) Read the bursary requirements and see if you qualify.
3) If you meet the bursary requirements, apply for the bursary by either downloading the application form or visiting the link provided. If you are still unsure, please contact the bursary provider via the provided contact details.


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