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Marketing, Sales & Retail

Marketing, Sales and Retail Bursaries in South Africa for 2018


Marketing as a career path

The marketing field usually attracts individuals with creativity and drive, however there is more to a marketing career than just an eye for detail.

When you first enter a career in marketing (Marketing Coordinator or Marketing Assistant), you will be involved in all marketing aspects – such as administrative tasks, analysing and researching your companies target market, developing product packaging, advertising, sales promotion, point-of-sale and public relations.

In order to move up within the marketing department, the next job role (Marketing Manager) would involve coordinating a project or special event, assisting in the creative process and drawing up forecast for your companies leadership or potential clients.

Sales as a career path

Sales is the core of every single business, whether you are selling a service or physical product. A career involves selling your companies goods and services to customers. Sale careers often involve commission-based salaries, so if you have a knack for sales this would be a good career path.

There are two different types of sales job roles:
– Inside sales: these are generally entry-level positions whereby the salesperson sells products or services over the phone or online. This role does not include meeting customers face-to-face and travelling.
– Outside sales: these are generally more experienced sales people. Also known as sales reps, whereby the salesperson sells in person. This role includes meeting customers face-to-face, maintaining current customers and travelling.

However, regardless of whether you are an inside or outside sales person, there are a few skills which are essential to the job:

  • Good communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Able to manage tasks and time
  • Strong negotiation skills


Retail as a career path

Working in the retail industry does not only mean working on the shop floor and in customer service. In fact, most retail jobs are “behind the scenes” – you could be designing new products, ensuring that stores stay profitable or helping to attract customers.

There are many career prospects within the retail industry, some of the most popular being:
– Fashion designers: they are responsible for identifying popular designs, drawing sketches, creating patterns, selecting fabrics, overseeing production, producing samples and negotiating prices.
– Buyers: they are responsible for selecting and purchasing of new product ranges that meet the stores target market. They check which products are selling and use this information to bring in new lines that will sell.
– Merchandisers: they are responsible for predicting best selling products, which lines to stock in the future and predicting sales targets for upcoming months based on product sales. They must also organise promotional events and prioritise getting products stocked in store.
– Visual merchandisers: they are responsible for creating striking store displays to lure customers in and make sales, this is done by lighting, space and meeting store guidelines.
– Product technologists: they are responsible for ensuring products meet safety, quality and legality guidelines.
– Store managers: they are responsible for checking stock levels, ensuring that customers receive good service, meeting sales targets and ensuring good staff performance.

How can I get a bursary for Marketing, Sales and Retail?

Here are the companies who are offering bursaries for this particular field of study:
Shoprite Bursaries
AVI Limited Bursary
FNB Fund Bursary
Truworths Bursary
Pyrotec Bursary

….more coming soon


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