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Industrial & Mechanical Engineering

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Bursaries in South Africa for 2018


Industrial Engineering as a career path

Industrial Engineering deals with optimisation of systems, organisations and processes. Industrial engineers figure out ways to reduce waste of money, time, materials, energy, machine time, human working hours and other resources in production processes.

Industrial engineers (or IE’s) create efficient systems that combine materials, machines, workers, energy and information to create a provide a service. They also work towards improving quality and productivity of systems.

What are some of the duties of a Industrial Engineer?

Industrial Engineers are involved in the following aspects:

  • Uncover ways to manufacture products or components, or to deliver a service with maximum efficiency
  • Execute quality control measures to reduce costs or resolve production issues
  • Create management control systems to make cost analysis and financial planning more efficient
  • Analyse process flows, engineering specifications, production schedules and various other information to understand manufacturing and service activities and methods
  • Create control systems to correlate activities and production planning to ensure high quality products
  • Work alongside management and customers to develop design and production standards
  • Consult with clients regarding product specifications, with vendors regarding purchases, with staff regarding project statuses and with management personnel regarding manufacturing capabilities


Mechanical Engineering as a career path

Mechanical Engineers solve problems and create solutions – they are a vital role in the design and implementation of moving parts many industries. These professionals design efficient solutions to developing products and processes, from small component to large plants, vehicles and machinery.

Mechanical Engineers work on all stages of the production cycle – from research and development, design and manufacture, installation and final commissioning.

Mechanical Engineering is said to be one of the most diverse engineering disciplines, with employment opportunities in various sectors including biomedical, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, automotive, railway and power.

Some of the products Mechanical engineers design includes:
– Power-using machines: air-conditioning systems and refrigeration
– Power-producing machines: steam and gas turbines, internal combustion engines and electric generators
– Material-handling systems: automated transfer stations and conveyor systems
– Machines inside buildings: escalators and elevators

What are some of the duties of a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical Engineers are involved in the following aspects:

  • Design and manage manufacturing of various products
  • Oversee the device manufacturing process
  • Create and trial device prototypes
  • Analyse test results and make amendments to the design or system
  • Design and/ or redesign thermal and mechanical devices or subsystems with computer-aided design (CAD) and analysis


How much can I earn in the Industrial and Mechanical Engineering industry?

With the correct level of qualification and working experience, you can expect to earn the following salary (note that these salaries are the median):

  • Mechanical Engineering Technician – around R185 000 per year
  • Industrial Engineering Technician – around R195 000 per year
  • Junior Mechanical Engineer – around R210 000 per year
  • Industrial Engineer – around R285 000 per year
  • Entry-Level Mechanical Engineer – around R300 000 per year
  • Mechanical Design Engineer – around R310 000 per year
  • Mechanical Engineer – around R350 000 per year
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer – around R700 000 per year


How can I get a bursary for Industrial or Mechanical Engineering?

Here are the companies who are offering bursaries for this particular field of study:
Accenture Scholarship
Armscor Bursary
AVI Limited Bursary
Canyon Coal Bursary
Cape Winelands District Municipality Bursary
Cipla Bursary
Citrus Academy Bursary
De Beers Bursary
Eskom Bursary
FNB Fund Bursary
Haw & Inglis Bursary
Investec Bank CSI Bursary
Pyrotec Bursary
RCL Foods Bursary
Royal HaskoningDHV Bursary
Sappi Bursary
Shoprite Bursaries
Standard Bank 150 Bursary
Standard Bank CSI Bursary
Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education Bursary
….more coming soon


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