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Mining & Metallurgical Engineering

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Bursaries in South Africa for 2018


Mining Engineering as a career path

Mining Engineers are responsible for designing safe and efficient mines to remove metals and coal.

They appraise the safety, productivity and feasibility of potential mine locations, as well as plan, optimise and manage the extraction of underground and surface deposits (such as oil, metals, minerals and gas) in the most efficient way possible.

Mine Engineers ensure that they extract as much of the resource as possible, and often times specialise in a certain metal or mineral.

What duties and responsibilities do Mining Engineers have?

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in Mining Engineering, you may want to know what sort of tasks you will be expected to perform in your job – here is a basic outline of the job role:

  • Verifying extraction risks
  • Estimating feasibility and commercial viability potential for new sites
  • Making use of specialist computer applications in order to maximise production and planning
  • Establishing and implementing extraction systems
  • Monitoring and assessing underground performance
  • Making certain that operations comply with safety and health requirements
  • Ensuring that safe equipment is used
  • Creating plans or models for potential mining sites
  • Assessing costs and organising supplies
  • Filling unused mine shafts
  • Detailed record keeping
  • Managing budgets
  • managing construction projects
  • Analysing data
  • Training and supervision of staff
  • Communicating with and advising technical and managerial staff


Metallurgical Engineering as a career path

Metallurgical Engineering studies metals and is generally divided into two fields – material engineering/ physical metallurgy and extraction metallurgy/ minerals processing.

Metallurgical Engineers are responsible for adapt existing and creating new types of metal alloys. Also known as Metallurgists, they are a sub-specialisation of Material Engineers.

They manipulate materials molecular and atomic structure in a controlled manufacturing environment, choosing materials with optimal chemical, magnetic, electrical, heat-transfer and mechanical properties that satisfy performance requirements.

What are the requirements for a career in Metallurgical Engineering?

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in Metallurgical Engineering, you should meet the requirements as listed below:

  • You must be good at Science and Mathematics
  • You must have a thorough understanding of scientific methods
  • You must have an interest in working with metals
  • You must have an analytical mind
  • You must have good communication skills
  • You must be a team player
  • You must be reliable and responsible
  • You must be computer literate
  • You must be driven and self-motivated
  • You must be innovative and creative
  • You must be open-minded and receptive to change


How much can I earn in the Mining and Metallurgical Engineering industry?

With the correct level of qualification and working experience, you can expect to earn the following salary (note that these salaries are the median):
– Physical Metallurgists: around R190 000 per year
– Miners: around R220 000 per year
– Extraction Metallurgists: around R240 000 per year
– Process Metallurgists: around R410 000 per year
– Metallurgical Engineers: around R430 000 per year
– Mining Engineers: around R430 000 per year
– Mining Superintendents: around R760 000 per year

How can I get a bursary for Mining or Metallurgical Engineering?

Here are the companies who are offering bursaries for this particular field of study:
De Beers Bursary
FNB Fund Bursary
Standard Bank CSI Bursary
Standard Bank 150 Bursary
Canyon Coal Bursary
Eskom Bursary
Investec Bank CSI Bursary
Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education Bursary
Cape Winelands District Municipality Bursary
….more coming soon


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