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Education/ Teaching Bursaries in South Africa for 2018


Teaching as a career path

Teachers help shape the lives of the next generation, they have a big responsibility but there is no doubt that teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession.

Teachers have many responsibilities, some of which include developing classroom curriculum, invigilating exams, teaching courses and guiding students toward academic success.

What careers are available within the Education sector?

There are a few different types of careers in teaching, including:
– Early Childhood Educators: this includes working at playgroups, kindergartens, long day care and specialist children’s programs.
– Primary Educators: these teachers must educate within 7 learning areas – English, Science, Mathematics, Arts, Environment and Society Studies, Technology, Health and Physical Education.
– Secondary Educators: they generally teach 2 or more subjects to various classes.
– Special education: they work with primary or secondary students who have learning difficulties/ physical, sensory, emotional or intellectual impairment or disability.

What are the requirements for a career in the Education sector?

If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a Teacher, you should meet the requirements as listed below:

  • You must have good communication skills – being able to teach in a way that keeps students focused, as well as communication with parents and colleagues
  • You must have a desire to teach and bring out the best in others – you will need to be able to motivate children
  • You must have good organisational skills – teaching involves a lot of administrative work (including lesson planning and tracking of pupils development)
  • You must be self-aware – as a teacher, you will need to recall your lessons and review what works and what doesn’t and be able to improve on weak areas
  • You must be flexible – being able to adapt to changes or revisions in the curriculum or types of schools
  • You must be able to multi-task – teaching involves many aspects (from paperwork and marking, to managing challenging behaviour, handling stress and being approachable to students)
  • You must be willing to work after-hours or on weekends – teaching is not a “9 to 5” job, often times you will need to dedicate time in the evening/ on the weekend or during your holiday to complete admin work and prepare for teaching
  • You must have the correct academic qualification – you will have to complete a teaching degree


How much can I earn as a Teacher?

With the correct level of qualification and working experience, you can expect to earn the following salary (note that these salaries are the median):
– Special Education Teacher/ Elementary School Teacher/ Preschool Teacher/ Kindergarten Teacher – around R100 000 per year
– Secondary School Teacher – around R140 000 per year
– Primary School Teacher – around R170 000 per year
– High School Teacher – around R190 000 per year
– Mathematics Teacher – around R200 000 per year
– Head Teacher – around R215 000 per year

How can I get a bursary for Accounting, Auditing or Taxation?

Here are the companies who are offering bursaries for this particular field of study:
Cape Winelands District Municipality Bursary
…. coming soon


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